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cruiscin_lan's Ridiculously Specific Prompt Table!

1.Two characters go out on a rowboat and one of them packed sandwiches and they're egg salad sandwiches but the other one doesn't even like egg salad. Also, they feed their crusts to the ducks. 2.Two words: three horns. 3.Your main character is dressed in drag. What exactly are they wearing, and why?
4.Write whatever the hell you want, but include the words "prodigious" and "tintinnabulation" in your story. 5."What we did... it doesn't count as sex. Right?" 6. One of your characters got a new haircut, and it looks awful. How does everyone else react?
7.What are your feelings about clowns? Include several clowns in a story. Why are there so many clowns? Are they all at the same place at the same time? Bonus: Make one of the clowns John Wayne Gacy. 8.Write a story based on your favorite lasagna recipe. 9."It's about time we made good on the promise we made to each other in Juneau."
10.What happens when your main character encounters a baby animal? And what kind of baby animal is it? I hope it's an elephant. Baby elephants are so cute. 11.Chlamydia? (note: the question mark is essential) 12.This story takes place in a forest. Put some trees in there, add some dirt. Maybe throw some birds and shit in there, too.
13.Your two main characters are arguing in a restaurant. What did each of them order? Did they stay for dessert? Write the story from the point of view of their busboy. 14.Writer's choice. 15.Flist's choice. I hope your friends are all sadistic bastards.

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